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Over time businesses gather important data but may not appreciate how such data can be turned to profit.

Which of your clients really bring in the most profit rather than simply the most money?

Do you give quotes but the reality of the project does not reflect the initial quote?

We look at the detail to see the figures hidden behind the business books and records and help you via impartial analysis to see where your efforts and money could be best spent.


What do we offer?

  • We will look at what data you keep about your clients and just as importantly, what data you do not.

  • We will look at all of your data, processes and procedures to ensure consistency of data flow.

  • We will look at possible data corruption such as potential for incorrect payment allocations as well as general data integrity and consistency.

  • We look at trends, ratio's and variances attempting to pinpoint issues that are reducing profit.

  • Our investigations may uncover issues such as slow moving stock, product obsolesence

        and use of inappropriate estimates.


What we are not?

  • We are not Cost Reduction Analysts. We will not be looking to advise you on changing utility provider

       or getting rid of staff.

  • We are not trying to sell you any software or hardware we just want you to get the best out of what you have


Although Data and Process analysis are shown seperately on this website the two are very closely related elements of business analysis and replicate many of the same tasks such as data and process mapping. Work flow diagrams and strategic analysis.