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In one form or another most businesses use spreadsheets to  assist them such as in making costing and pricing decisions, budget setting, expansion planning and what if scenario's.


Management decision making based upon erroneous data kills businesses, and unfortunately according to a report by the Institute of Chartered Accountants for England and Wales as many as 90% of spreadsheets contain at least one error.


Why is that? Because most spreadsheets are self checking without any external review to spot that key formulae that perhaps actions elements of the calculation in a different order than was intended.


Having an independant third party review your spreadsheet can help to reduce considerably the risk of errors plus we may be able to suggest improvements to the workbook.


Amongst  past projects have been the autometion of aged debtor reporting for a credit control department giving a discernable reduction in aged debtor levels within one month of implementation.


So confident are we that we can improve your spreadsheets that if following our initial review of your work we feel that we could not improve your spreadsheet then we won't charge you a penny for our time!


Please note that we only review financial based systems such as budgeting, pricing, costing, time management, forecasts and projections. For architectural and engineering solutions other alternate expert assistance should be sought.