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Many small businesses develop processes when first starting that they do not adapt to more suitable processes as the business grows.


What we do at Croxley Morris is look at your existing processes and procedures, determine whether they remain relevant to the business and then stress test them.


Could you find all of the data that you needed at a moments notice? What happens if a key staff member is unable to work? What transaction level evidence is being kept? What controls are in place to prevent fraud and theft? How sound is your data integrity and how have any errors found their way into the system?


These questions amonst many more are considered as we try to ensure that your processes, procedures and controls are robust and fit for purpose.


As part of this process we will attempt to simplify processing, reduce waste such as unnecessary procedures and duplication of effort.


We will also look at matters such as segregation of duties, authorisation, petty cash control and contingency staffing provisions


Note that we are not an agency, we look at the risk to your business associated with loss of staff and make suggestions to reduce risk levels.


Similarly we are not cost reduction analysts. We will not be looking at matters such as outsourcing options and change of utility provider  but rather we concentrate on improving the actual  current processes.


Although Process and Data analysis are considered seperately on this website the two are very closely related elements of business analysis and replicate many of the same tasks such as data and process mapping. Work flow diagrams and strategic analysis